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terça-feira, 23 de março de 2010

The question is the same .

I was trying to install AVAST Linux Home edition for testing purposes, and find out two different information about the same thing (or not).

"Free Antivirus Works for 30 days after installation in trial mode" (there's no questions in linux tar.gz instalation, should it be trial mode by default ? )

Ok, no problem ... let's Try .

When I tried to run the AVAST ...
First of all .. " No license key found. Please run the GUI version (avastgui) and enter your license key. " I DON'T HAVE GUI on LINUX . ( I think it's my problem )
Second :
Please register avast! at
to get the key.

Ok. Let's follow the instructions ... BANG

No more comments.
Take your own conclusions. I never give-up. I'll try again.
But ... Do they Care ? WHO CARES ??

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