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quinta-feira, 7 de janeiro de 2010

Good MailBox Names, Good Spams

After more than 5 years with a suspended mailbox in a big brazilian ISP, I decided to reactivate this mail box for research purposes.
One hour after that process, I started receiving messages again.
The first coming from, trying to sell me Viagra. (Does anyone knows where in the world NZ is ?)
Today, one day after the activation, 15 new messages, including a phishign scan about a Brazilian Bank. (with 6/41 detection rate in VirusTotal)

Good mailbox names can guarantee you a better chance to be located by spammers. Important to know that this mailbox was never ever used, but as it’s a good mailbox name, this guarantee me to be in the lists.

Is there someone working in maintain those SPAM Lists ? Five years was enough time, to be removed from any list, due the amount of email bounces generated.
Ok, I know. Spammers don’t care.

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